• SUV rolls into house, strikes gas line and causes massive fire


    MOON TOWNSHIP, Pa. - A house was badly damaged in Moon Township after an empty SUV rolled into it, hit a gas line and then burst into flames.

    PHOTOS: SUV rolls into house, strikes gas line and causes massive fire

    No one was hurt in the fire that left the Jeep charred and melted the siding off a home on Scottsdale Drive.

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    The woman who owns the Jeep was spraying a hornets nest in her yard around 11 p.m. Sunday and had her headlights on, so she could see better, the Moon Township police chief said.  

    After she sprayed the nest, she jumped in the Jeep and it rolled backwards through one yard and into another before hitting a house and a gas line.

    She fell out as it was rolling, the chief said.  She was not hurt.  

    Initial reports were the Jeep's brakes gave way. 

    It burst into flames and the fire spread.

    No one was inside the Jeep or the house when this happened.

    Neighbors said they initially thought they heard a large tree come down and that what started out as a small fire grew quickly.


    "I saw the car that was in the house, I saw a lady and I helped her up and said you have to get away from this house, it's going to explode so I helped her over to the sidewalk away from it.  The fire trucks weren't here but the police came," said Lexi Smonko, a neighbor.

    "When things go wrong, they go wrong and that's what happened, it's just the angle of the car coming out of the driveway and it's how it hit it," said Chief John Scott with the Moon Township Volunteer Fire Department.


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