• Customers coming forward saying tanning salon employee is stealing


    SALEM TOWNSHIP, Pa. - It took weeks for a woman to get the proof she needed that her money was going missing.

    Amanda Roth said a coworker told her that cash was stolen from her purse when she went tanning at Tropical Sunsations in Salem Township.

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    So Roth decided to go tanning there too to see if it would happen to her. 

    "When I first watched it, I screamed because you see the door open really slowly and then there's her face and she reached in my bag and takes my wallet and leaves," Roth said.

    Roth set up a hidden camera in her purse each time she went tanning. And eventually, she caught the employee in the act, opening the door and reaching into her purse while Roth was in the tanning bed.

    Investigators said the suspect is a 21-year-old woman who worked at the salon. Police said there are three victims, but Roth is convinced there are more.



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