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Treasurer of local PTO accused of stealing $25,000

SHALER, Pa. — The treasurer of a local parent teacher organization has admitted to police that she stole more than $25,000 from the PTO bank account and a dance school funded by the organization.

Rebecca Hirt is accused of taking the money from the Burchfield Primary School PTO. She’s been the treasurer of the organization since June 2017.

According to a criminal complaint, the PTO co-president because suspicious when a $5,000 check from the organization bounced. A review of the account showed Hirt had written several checks to herself for cash and personal needs.

The complaint said Hirt used the money because she said she became “overwhelmed by debt.” She called her actions a last resort.


However, a family member told Channel 11 that Hirt squandered the money.

The Shaler Area School District said it’s cooperating with the investigation. The district sent Channel 11 a statement:

"While the parent teacher organizations do support our students, they are independent organizations that operate through proceeds from fundraising activities and not tax dollars.

We will be working with the school to make sure previously scheduled activities and events are not affected and also provide support to the district's parent teacher organizations to put safeguards in place to ensure all funds are used appropriately."