13th straight year of Turnpike rate increases includes 45% surcharge for no E-ZPass

HARRISBURG, Pa. — 2021 is going to be the thirteenth straight year the Turnpike raises its rates for drivers, and you’ll be paying even more out of pocket if you don’t use an E-ZPass.

According to the Turnpike Commission, a 6% toll increase for E-ZPass, Toll-by-Plate and commercial vehicles was approved. The rate increase takes effect Jan. 3.

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Additionally, the commission approved an additional 45% surcharge tacked on to the Toll-by-Plate rates across the state and on the Mon/Fayette Expressway. Turnpike officials said this will cover the higher costs to process the bill and collect the money. This program involves drivers who do not use an E-ZPass transponder. Cameras take pictures of a driver’s license plate and a bill is sent to the address registered with that plate.

A news release from the Turnpike Commission said the average toll for a passenger vehicle using E-ZPass will increase from $1.50 to $1.60 and from $2.50 to $3.90 for the Toll-by-Plate program.

For a 2 axle passenger vehicle traveling from the Ohio border to the New Jersey border, the trip currently costs $65.70 without an E-ZPass and $44.30 with the device. Next year, to travel that distance without an E-ZPass, drivers will pay $69.64 and will see an additional charge of $29.56.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike no longer accepts cash or credit cards as the entire system has been transitioned into All-Electronic Toll collection.