• Wet weather possible cause of landslide affecting Pittsburgh road


    PITTSBURGH - A portion of a street in Elliott has dropped more than three feet in two months, and the incessant rain is making matters worse. 

    Joe Gollick, who lives just feet away from the landslide on Lander Street, told Channel 11 he first reported signs of trouble to 311 back in February. He said the crack was only six inches wide at the time.

    Since then, the city's been monitoring shifts in the road; however, the most recent rain overnight really did some damage. 

    Unfortunately, finding the money to halt slides like the one on Lander and repair them is becoming difficult. The city already has spent all the money in the budget allotted for landslide treatment, officials have said.

    “This is something we need to put at the top of the list. We need to deal with this,” said Guy Costa, chief operations officer for the city. “I mean, this is a city street we need to address. We're hoping to receive some state funding – but that was before the Route 30 situation. So I'm not sure if that's available.”

    A portion of Route 30 in East Pittsburgh collapsed in a landslide this month, shutting down the busy artery for month and demolishing a nearby apartment building.

    As for what's next for people living here along Lander Street, the city says workers will be out there Tuesday to figure out why the road is sinking and what they can do about it.




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