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Wind causes tree to crash into house

LOWER BURRELL, Pa. — A Lower Burrell family says they experienced a true miracle after winds brought a massive tree down onto their house, narrowly missing one of the people who lives inside.

The Negley family walked Channel 11 through what happened and showed us the damage.

"The house was shaking and I knew it was a tree, but it sounded like an explosion,” said Kimberly Negley.

Negley and her mother Laura showed only Channel 11 the damage on their 7th Street home in Lower Burrell.

Kimberly says she was inside her bedroom watching TV when she felt the winds kick up. In a matter of seconds, the house started shaking and a portion of a massive tree from the backyard toppled over onto the roof.

“I threw my hands up over my head and just crouched down and I just started praying,” she said. “I said, ‘God, please protect me and make this stop.’”


Their roof is destroyed. Branches and parts of the tree are strewn across their house and front yard. A gutter is torn off and their chimney has moved out of place.

“There's several holes in it. It's smashed in different places,” said Laura Negley.

Kimberly says she feels she experienced a true miracle. Now, she's just hopeful the weather calms down.

“Where I was sitting in the house is exactly where it came down, so it would've come down on top of me,” she said. “I believe God was there with me.”

The Negleys say they are waiting on a tree removal service to take down what’s left of the tree. Insurance adjusters are set to come out Thursday to assess the damage, which the family says is in the thousands of dollars.