Lawyer with bed bugs falling from clothing forces courthouse to evacuate

VIDEO: Lawyer infests courthouse with bed bugs

ROGERS COUNTY, Okla. — A lawyer wearing a suit full of bed bugs prompted officials at a courthouse in Oklahoma to close the building Monday and bring in an exterminator.


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The incident happened at the Rogers County Courthouse around noon, when, according to the sheriff, an attorney appeared in the building's third-floor courtroom with the insects falling off his clothing, KMTV reported.

"Hard to imagine someone doesn't know, you know, that some bed bugs are crawling all over them, certainly in abundance," Sheriff Scott Walton told the news station.

“I was also told the individual that had them also shook his jacket all over the prosecutor’s files,” Walton said.

Another courthouse official said the lawyer was “non-responsive to the situation” and didn’t seem to care.

Exterminators worked for most of Monday fumigating the 90,000 square-foot courthouse, which reopened Tuesday morning.