‘Come on meow’: TSA officers find cat packed in luggage

NEW YORK — Transportation Security Administration officers intentionally let the cat out of the bag after finding an orange feline had been packed into luggage.

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The TSA described the incident in a pun-laden post on social media, calling the find “hiss-toric” and saying the officers who found it were left saying, “Come on meow!”

Photos from the TSA show the cat was seen as a bag went through the X-ray to be screened. The outline of the cat is clearly seen along the top of the suitcase.

Another photo shows orange fur peeking out through the bag’s zipper.

TSA officers said the passenger claimed they did not know the cat was in his luggage.

A TSA spokesperson told WPIX that the traveler told officers the cat belongs to someone else in his home.

In its post, TSA officials said to “check with your airline be-fur you arrive at the airport” and to remove pets before sending the carrier through the X-ray.