• Wealthy businessman offers to pay tuition for entire graduating class


    LUCK, Wis. - A wealthy Wisconsin man has made a generous offer to a group of upcoming graduates. 

    Self-made businessman and banker Dennis Frandsen has promised to pay for two years of technical college for the 34 students graduating from Luck Public Schools next year. 

    Frandsen grew up in the town of Luck and has made this same offer once before. 

    The school's superintendent, Cory Hinkel, announced the plan during an assembly Tuesday. 

    He told KARE he's incredibly grateful and overwhelmed by the gesture. 


    "How great is this going to be for our students? Our... uh, the kids... I just, ya know, think of different, um, families that struggle financially. The opportunity that these kids are going to have because of this is... it's just amazing," said Hinkel.

    Frandsen says he never went to college and wants kids in his community to get the education they need to follow their dreams. 

    He's even created the Frandsen Family Foundation to pay college tuition for kids in other small towns. 

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