Pitt football team will wear masks during Saturday’s game, but not while playing

Pa. Health Secretary issues new order, makes mask wearing required indoors even if you are physically distant

PITTSBURGH — The entire University of Pittsburgh football team will be wearing masks during the game tomorrow days after new guidelines were released by state health officials.

Pitt announced in a statement Friday that its players will cover their faces throughout the game while on the sideline, but they are allowed to pull the coverings down during each play to “prevent the impairment of breathing.”

“To provide further clarity, Pitt football student-athletes will be outfitted with face coverings throughout the game. However, they will not be required to have the coverings pulled up while in the midst of play to prevent the impairment of breathing. Such usage of face coverings during competition would be in compliance with Section 3 of the Secretary of Health’s Face Covering Order.”

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The Pittsburgh Steelers said they are exempt from the new rules and will not wear face masks during games, and the governor’s office confirmed that Friday afternoon.

And officials with the PIAA and WPIAL are fighting these new guidelines, citing recommendations from sports medicine officials that wearing masks during play is a safety concern.

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