• Antonio Brown: 'I want to play with a team that wants to win'


    ATLANTA - Antonio Brown briefly broke his on-camera silence regarding the late-season controversies with the Steelers.

    USA Today interviewed Brown on Friday and posted a clip on Twitter with the hashtag #EASportsBowl.  

    Brown has been embroiled in controversy since the events that led to him sitting out the regular-season finale against the Cleveland Browns.  

    Since then, the drama has been nonstop with everyone from Art Rooney II to James Harrison to Terrell Owens chiming in about Brown's future.


    The USA Today reporter brought up James Harrison wanting Brown to be happy and Jerry Rice wanting him on the 49ers, and then asked what Brown wants.  

    Brown's response was, "I just want to win, you know. I just want to win, play with a team that wants to win."  

    When asked where he would like to be, Brown said, "... Doesn't matter where."

    If the Steelers want to trade Brown, they can't do so until mid-March, where there's about a four-day window before Brown is due a roster bonus.



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