NFL said they found 'no evidence' of Mason Rudolph using racial slur before brawl

Brawl erupts in last seconds of Browns win over Steelers

The NFL said they found "no such evidence" of Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph using a racial slur during last week's brawl during the Steelers vs Browns game at Heinz Field.

Mason Rudolph's attorney spoke out about the allegations on Thursday.

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Rudolph's attorney said that during Myles Garrett's suspension appeal he accused the Steelers QB of using a racial slur against him before swinging his helmet at his head.

Rudolph's attorney said that that is a lie and that Garrett never made the allegations in the aftermath of the game or prior to the hearing.

Steelers Cam Heyward told Channel 11's Chase Williams, "It never got to a racial slur. For it to be used in your appeal is just stupid to me. Own up to your mistakes and move on."

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, Rudolph also strongly denies the accusation.