Cranberry Township sends message for drivers to slow down ahead of school year

CRANBERRY TOWNSHIP, Pa. — In Cranberry Township, the school year is just days away from getting started.

Drivers can expect to see more signs and police officers encouraging people to slow down and keep children safe. It’s called the “No Need for Speed, Slow Down Campaign.” This campaign is part of a nationwide effort that Cranberry Township has taken part in for the last 10 years.

“Everybody in their hustle and bustle of the day, we just want to remind them to slow down and watch out for the children,” said Lieutenant William Ahlgren of Cranberry Township.

There will be hundreds of yard signs, radar speed signs and a larger police presence.

The reminders are part of a two-week initiative starting August 22 and going through September 5.

“It’s coming early this year, two weeks before Labor Day, and really just remind everybody when they’re commuting and they’re driving that there will be children walking, biking, driving, getting school buses. All forms of transportation,” said Kelly Maurer, Director of Public Works, Cranberry Township.

The Slow Down Campaign is funded by private businesses and Homeowners Associations.

The two weeks of reminders early in the year keep children safe and the consequence for violations can be costly.

“It can go up pretty fast, you’re looking at $150 or more,” Lieutenant Ahlgren said.

For more information on sign placement, the program itself, and to register to participate you can visit Cranberry Township’s website.

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