Crews still cleaning flooded yards and basements after water main break in Beaver County

BEAVER FALLS, Pa. — A precautionary boil water advisory has been lifted for more than 8,000 customers in Beaver County following a water main break in Beaver Falls on Labor Day.

Several people who live near the intersection of 26th Street and 10th Avenue where the break happened are still cleaning up after water flooded their yards and basements.

“There was just water everywhere,” said Nancy March.

March says at one point, the water was almost up to her top step.

“It was so high I don’t think our hot water tanks can be saved,” said March. “Our furnaces. Both me and my tenant have washers and dryers. Those are shot.”

“She doesn’t have the funds to fix this disaster because we’re looking at upwards of $100,000,” said Ashley Bennett, March’s niece.

The pressure of the water from the break also cracked the wall and floor of her garage.

“I could have backed in there and that water could have blew,” said March. “I would have died.”

March says she reached out to the United Way, the Red Cross, AAA for her homeowner’s insurance and the Beaver Falls Municipal Authority for help.

“It’s going on four days now, and this is just ridiculous,” said Bennett. “I hope that her insurance company steps up. I hope the Beaver Falls Water Authority steps up. She takes care of her property. She doesn’t want to leave.”

The Beaver Falls Municipal Authority says since it was a sudden, accidental break, they’re not liable. They referred March to her homeowner’s insurer. Claims have been filed, but March says she has little hope.

“I’ve been here for 33 years,” said March. “I bought insurance in ‘95. Paid insurance company all these years, and it’s like, why do you pay a premium if nobody can help you? And this is not my fault.”

The Beaver Falls Municipal Authority says it’s sending a dumpster to Nancy’s house on Monday and all fees have been waived.

Bennett said, “The longer it sits with that mud and water and disaster in her basement, things are going to turn moldy. It’s not just going to be a safety hazard. It’s going to turn into a health hazard, and that’s not what we want. She wants to be back home. She wants her tenant back in her house. I just want to get her the help that she needs and deserves, and get this mess cleaned up because the two-foot water main that broke did cause destruction on her property.”

March’s family created a GoFundMe page for her.

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