DEP will work to fix mine subsidence causing damage to homes in Lincoln Place

PITTSBURGH — Homeowners in Pittsburgh’s Lincoln Place neighborhood met with members of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Wednesday evening. The topic was mine subsidence.

Channel 11 first told you last week that several homes and a VFW were significantly damaged on Interboro Avenue.

>>> Abandoned mine subsidence damages VFW, local homes

According to the DEP, an abandoned mine 140 feet below the homes is causing the problem. The mine itself closed in 1906.

Many in attendance have suffered damage, others wanted to know if it could happen to them. They say they had no idea a mine was there.

“I don’t have my subsidence insurance. I probably have $90,000 worth of damage to my home. I will be leaving Lincoln Place because I will not be able to fix it,” Nicole Anderson said.

She may not be alone. No one in the crowd had the right insurance. Regular homeowner’s insurance won’t cover mine subsidence and owners will be left footing the bill.

Some states require insurance. Pennsylvania State Senator Jay Costa says it may make sense to pursue that here.

“It’s not going to be an easy lift, I’ll tell you that. But we can work on drafting legislation in Harrisburg and introduce a vote in the House and Senate,” he said.

Work to fill in the mine will start soon. DEP officials said the bid has already been awarded and drilling will likely start next week. The project could take two to three months.

Meanwhile, those unaffected but in the neighborhood are urged to get insured. You can find more information on that here.

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