Detectives looking into Robinson jewelry store after more reports of sudden closure

ROBINSON TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Robinson Township police say their detectives are looking into L.S. Jewelers again after another customer reported that they haven’t been able to get in touch with the store to get their jewelry.

>>> Customers struggling to get jewelry back after local store closes

On Aug. 24, a sign on the door of L.S. Jewelers in Robinson Township reads: “Temporary closed customers will be receiving calls to schedule merchandise pick ups by Wed Aug 23rd.” A similar message can be heard on the voicemail for the store.

After seeing our story back in January, a woman reached out to us saying she needed help getting her wedding rings back. She did not want to do an on-camera interview but told us over the phone that she dropped her wedding rings off in July and hasn’t been able to get them back. She also said she’s been calling L.S. Jewelers every day and is still waiting to receive a call from them about pickup information.

“I do feel for the family if it’s a family situation and something is wrong, but again it’s a business, and there are other families involved that have jewelry in there,” said Liz Marshall. “If I would have left my mother’s ring there, I would have been devastated.”

The jewelry store has been a family-owned business for more than 65 years, spanning three generations.

“If you have something that your grandmother or great-grandmother gave you could take it here and be safe,” said L.S. Jewelers Customer Alice Carter.

L.S. Jewelers Owner Alexis Shaw told Channel 11′s Alyssa Raymond: “There’s been several medical issues with myself and the jeweler. I’ve been calling customers and scheduling pickups.” Back in January, when customers first contacted Channel 11 about this, Shaw said they had to temporarily close due to unforeseen circumstances, and all the people who contacted us eventually ended up getting their jewelry.

“Like I said, I don’t know what the real story is,” said Marshall. “I feel bad. They just need to reach out to somebody. I’m unemployed. I can go help them.”

“You don’t know their problems,” said Carter. “Give them time. Just give them a little more time and see what goes on.”

Robinson Township police said they’re looking into this again and are working to get jewelry back for people. They said to reach out to them if you’re having problems getting in touch with L.S. Jewelers. They also said they’re referring some customers to the magistrate for civil lawsuits.

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