Doorbell camera captures gunfight in Swissvale

SWISSVALE, Pa. — A doorbell camera captures a gunfight in one Allegheny County community.

“It’s been getting kind of concerning,” said Brandon Jennings. “Since we moved into our home this is probably the third or fourth shooting. All within a block.”

Brandon Jennings lives in Swissvale. He says he first heard what sounded like gunshots around 10 p.m. Monday. Then he heard the same noise just after 2 a.m. Tuesday.

“When we talked to the police afterward, they had confirmed that the earlier sound we heard were gunshots and so it seemed like whatever had happened before was connected to the shooting after,” said Jennings.

In the doorbell video, you can see two people walking on the sidewalk on Rosyln Street. A car drives by and two flashes come from the back seat. One of the people ducks and runs across the street before firing six shots in the direction of the car.

“For better or for worse, all the shootings that we’ve seen so far seem to be either targeted or specific disputes between people so it’s not as if people are just running around just shooting random people,” said Jennings. “However, it’s still a problem.”

One of the bullets hit the front door of a home on Roslyn Street.

“You never know,” said Jennings. “These aren’t trained marksmen. They’re not military guys. They’re just haphazardly waving a gun around letting shots off. We could be sitting on our porch. There’s a dance studio right here where the shootings happened in front of. There could be kids coming out.”

Three weeks ago, a man was shot, in the middle of the afternoon, in this same area of Rosyln Street. The shooting triggered a large standoff at an apartment building on South Braddock Avenue. Back in February, a 14-year-old was shot in the back on Woodstock Avenue. And last May, a deadly shooting happened at this mini-mart on Noble Street.

“It’s clearly a huge problem here,” said Jennings. “And I know myself, my wife and a bunch of the other neighbors here who we’re close with are getting very concerned and getting a little fed up with the nonsense.”

There are currently no reports that anyone was hit by the gunfire, and the Swissvale Police Department has not said if they’ve identified any of the people in the doorbell video.

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