‘A funky smell’: People notice strong smell near municipal court in downtown Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH — People in downtown Pittsburgh noticed a strong smell in and around the municipal court building on Friday.

“Soon as I walked in the door I noticed a funky smell,” Robin Dudley said.

Dudley said she knew something was wrong when she arrived.

Channel 11 found maintenance crews outside in the front parking lot digging. Inside, both workers and people heading to hearings were discussing the strong unpleasant odor.

11 Investigates started receiving calls on Wednesday of a possible issue inside the building, workers reached out to us to say it’s a nightmare, an ongoing issue which they believe is related to sewage backup from the restrooms.

We reached to court administration, the mayor’s office, public works and PWSA.

PWSA officials sent a team to the area just to investigate after our call.

They tell Channel 11 that the sewer main within the vicinity of the building is flowing appropriately. The Department of Public Works informed them that there was a leak on a steam line that feeds the building.

Courthouse workers who couldn’t go on camera said they’ve filed numerous complaints. Dudley told Channel 11 she feels for those workers who can’t escape it all day.

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