Lee defeats challenger Patel in Democratic primary race for 12th Congressional District

PITTSBURGH — Incumbent Summer Lee defeated her challenger Bhavini Patel in the Democratic primary race for Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District.


This was a hard-fought battle, perhaps one of the most heated races across the state after Patel gained support in key neighborhoods like Squirrel Hill for her stance on the war in Gaza. However, it was not enough to secure the win.

Lee’s supporters told Channel 11 News they are confident she will bring back funding needed to improve infrastructure, create more affordable housing and improve living wages.

Lee addressed supporters at her victory party Tuesday.

“Our movement is stronger than any wedge issue, is stronger than any opportunist, is stronger than everybody who wants to say that the power of the people is not stronger than the people in power but we know how to do this in western Pennsylvania. We aren’t new to this. We are true to this,” Lee said.

Patel posted a statement thanking supporters, saying in part, “Everything is on the line this November – and the work is just getting started.”

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