‘A message to all’: Survivors of Pittsburgh synagogue shooting react to death sentence verdict

PITTSBURGH — After the death sentence verdict was read for the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter, we heard from survivors of the shooting, people that had to witness friends and loved ones being gunned down.

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Among the many powerful statements from survivors, Audrey Glickman, who was hiding under clothes and prayer shawls when she was rescued, spoke of Bowers being sentenced to life versus receiving the death penalty and why she feels he deserves what he got.

“This wasn’t just shooting up a room. This was individual murders of people that we love in the ugliest possible way,” Glickman said.

Then there was Carol Black, who hid in a closet to survive, and when rescued, had to step over the body of Mel Wax.

“When Mel Wax got shot, he died and his head was just inches from my feet. I couldn’t do anything but look in horror and realize what had happened,” Black said.

Andrea Wedner was shot that day, she suffered severe injuries to her wrist and arm and she held her mother, 97-year-old Rose Mallinger, as she took her last breath and died right beside her.

“This sentence is a testament to our justice system, and a message to all, that this type of heinous act will not be tolerated,” said Wedner.

Tree of Life Rabbi Jeffrey Myers, who was also inside when it happened, said from the day of the attack, through the long wait for a trial “We’ve been stuck in neutral for almost five years.”

Now, finally, a chance to move on.

“Today we’ve received an immense embrace from the halls of justice around all of us to say that our government does not condone anti-Semitism in its most vile form that we’ve witnessed,” said Myers.

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