North Side woman frustrated with lack of results after her apartment flooded

PITTSBURGH — A North Side woman’s apartment was flooded several times, destroying her washer and countless personal items. She told Channel 11 News that management has not confirmed the source of the flooding and has not replaced her items.

“They gave me like five or six different reasons so who’s to say I am not going to flood again tomorrow?” said tenant Camilia James.

Channel 11 News obtained cellphone footage from May 4 showing Camillia James’s apartment, in the video you can see water has completely flooded her entire first floor. The water is so high she is pushing it out the door.

“The water was from down here like the whole thing was just water everywhere, so I am freaking out, and I am like what the heck,” James said.

James lives in the Allegheny Common Apartments in the city’s North Side and said she has experienced reoccurring flooding from what she believes is some sort of sewage backup.

Water bubbles show just a small amount of the damage that was left behind.

“I lost sentimental stuff, I lost blankets from childhood from my daughter’s childhood, I lost a washer machine, an air conditioner, a little flat screen TV I lost a lot of stuff,” she explained.

James Told Channel 11 News that renovations were made to the entire housing development earlier this year, but she said when they moved her and her family back in, it’s been issue after issue.

“I am thinking me, and my kid could have a new life,” said James when referencing the renovations.

Channel 11 News reached out to the Department of Housing and Redevelopment (HUD), and they provided us with this statement:

“The safety and security of residents in properties participating in HUD’s assisted housing programs is a top priority. We are looking into the matter that you raised.”

But when we contacted the local property management, we got no response.

“They just put a Band-Aid on whatever they thought it was. And left me to deal with all this stuff,” James said.

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