Monroeville police officer shot by Crumbl Cookie armed robbery suspect

MONROEVILLE, Pa. — A Monroeville police officer was shot multiple times after spotting a person suspected in an armed robbery at Crumbl Cookie Wednesday night.


Police were called to the Crumbl Cookie in Miracle Mile Shopping Center for an armed robbery at 9:13 p.m.

According to the criminal complaint, the person who called 911 said there was a Black male dressed in all black with a black hoodie armed with a handgun. Officers responding to the scene were told to keep an eye out for anyone matching that description.

At 9:17 p.m., a Monroeville sergeant was traveling east on Monroeville Boulevard near Stonecliffe Drive. The sergeant saw an individual that matched the description of the suspect.

According to the complaint, body cam footage showed the sergeant making a U-turn after he passed a male on the road. He relayed he was getting out with one male at the entrance of Stonecliff Drive, which was when the suspect fired multiple rounds at the police vehicle. The officer radioed that he was taking shots from a male in an orange vest armed with a gun.

At 9:18 p.m., backup officers found the suspect in a parking lot on Stonecliffe Drive and took him into custody. Body cam footage showed the suspect being taken into custody, with the sergeant saying, “That’s him, that’s him.”

According to the complaint, officers observed two handguns, which were later identified as a pistol and a revolver, lying on the ground.

The complaint said the sergeant was shot at least three times in the left elbow and left hip. He was taken to the hospital and is listed in critical but stable condition.

“A cookie place and there are a lot of young people working in there that’s concerning, robbery in general in this area is concerning,” said Anne Skreppen who lives nearby.

Officers processed the scene and found bullet holes in the windshield, hood, front grill and driver’s side door of the sergeant’s marked police car. In total, 16 spent shell casings were found at the scene.

“You hear a lot of negative things about the police and I still believe the majority of them are there doing their job and the fact that had to happen is awful,” Skreppen said.

The complaint said the suspect refused to give any biographical information and refused the answer questions. He was later identified as Jamal Brooks, 32.

Crumbl Cookie gave Channel 11 the following statement:

“Crumbl is deeply saddened about the incident that occurred at our Monroeville location last night. Our thoughts are with the community, our employees, and all those affected by this incident. We are fully cooperating with law enforcement as they conduct their investigation into the matter.

“We understand the impact this incident may have on the local community. As we navigate through this situation, our focus remains on supporting the affected individuals and working collectively with the community to foster a sense of security.”

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