Pittsburgh mother taking action after she and her daughter were hit by a car while taking a walk

PITTSBURGH — A mother and her 3-year-old daughter were struck by a car, crossing the street in a Pittsburgh neighborhood, when police say a driver failed to stop at a stop sign.

Soleil Kling tells Channel 11 News that she took her little girl Charlotte out for a walk Saturday morning, just as they do every morning.

Kling says they were crossing Woodbourne Avenue at Stebbins Avenue.

“I saw the car at the bottom of Stebbins — it sped up real quick,” Kling recalled.

Kling says that the driver, without even looking, blew through the stop sign, and turned from Stebbins on Woodbourne, right in the path of the mother and daughter.

“I knew it was going to hit us, so I got in front of her,” Kling said. “That’s all I could do. I only had enough reaction to be able to get in front of her.”

Kling, who is still in a neck brace and in a lot of pain from taking the brunt of the hit, says she can’t stop replaying the crash in her mind and what could have happened.

“She could have been killed,” Kling said through tears.

Charlotte is also sore, but fortunately, she doesn’t have any broken bones. Police say the driver was charged with failing to stop at a stop sign.

While we were at Woodbourne and Stebbins, we saw drivers run stop signs at the four-way intersection. That’s why Kling says she’s going to petition to add speed bumps to Woodbourne Avenue. It’s the same street where kids walk the short two blocks to Pittsburgh Brookline K-8.

“Please, please, please slow down,” Kling pleaded. “There are kids on this street.”

Police say the driver stayed on the scene. The mom says she’s certain this will be the last time he runs a stop sign.

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