Regent Square residents raise concerns over man accused of repeatedly exposing himself

PITTSBURGH — Residents who live in Regent Square said they have been tormented by one of their own, a neighbor, who has repeatedly exposed and touched himself while on his front porch. Neighbors now fear that his inappropriate behavior may escalate.

“I hate to think a kid would get grabbed or taken inside his house and I didn’t do anything about it,” said Jennifer Sarabok, a nearby neighbor.

Over the weekend police were called to Regent Square.

Residents told the police that during their scheduled community yard sale when dozens of people were outside, one neighbor came outside completely naked.

“I heard a woman screaming for help,” said Jennifer’s husband, Jeff Sarabok.

Neighbors told Channel 11 News the naked man called out to a young delivery driver and began touching himself in front of her. Neighbors said this isn’t the first time this man has done this. Another neighbor said she went to the police weeks ago.

“This is not a new kind of behavior, and when we talked to some of our neighbors that have lived here longer this is something that he has done many times in the past,” he said.

We searched court records and found this neighbor was charged with indecent exposure and open lewdness back in 1999, but recently no charges have been filed. We aren’t naming him because charges haven’t been filed.

Neighbors fear his behavior may become more aggressive.

“There are a lot of young families in the neighborhood, but he does seem to be targeting adolescents and young females,” said Jeff Sarabok.

On Friday, police were monitoring the area and told us they were actively investigating.

“I would like the police, and I would also like the landlord to follow up considering he is doing this on a porch in a building with other apartments and other tenants living there,” said Jennifer Sarabok.

Currently, the man has not been arrested in connection to either of these incidents.

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