Shop owner accused of stealing more than $150,000 in cash, guns from patrons appears in court

YOUNGWOOD, Pa. — The doors to Hi Grade Shooters Supply in Youngwood are locked, and a for sale sign is on the building after the ATF revoked the license of the owner.

Tracey McMahan is accused of stealing more than $150,000 in both cash and guns from people who wanted to sell their guns through consignment at the shop or wanted to buy them from McMahan.

McMahan stayed silent after waiving her preliminary hearing Wednesday morning.

“We have no comment, we’re still early in litigation here,” her attorney told Channel 11′s Andrew Havranek.

“She would take the firearm on consignment, then sell it, and never give the money to the actual owner of the gun, and subsequently ship the gun across the country,” said Trooper Steve Limani of the Pennsylvania State Police.

The allegations first came to light after two victims came forward to county detectives. As their investigation continued, detectives found 22 more victims. Some of them were out tens of thousands of dollars in cash or value of their guns.

State police have found four victims of their own.

McMahan is accused of stealing from 28 people dating back to at least 2021.

In some cases, she took deposits or full payments from gun buyers, but then those buyers would never receive the gun they thought they were buying.

According to court documents, McMahan had several excuses for each allegation.

For not providing buyers with the gun they thought they’d purchased, police said she said the guns were lost in shipping or that they had arrived damaged. She told one victim she was too busy that they had a broken water line at the facility, and that their computers were down.

For not giving sellers their money, she told them she was busy, the check was in the mail, or that she had personal matters to deal with. Then, police say she would cut off communications.

The ATF took her license, and the shop is now closed and for sale. Police and detectives are working to get money back for the victims as her case heads to trial. Right now, troopers say they do not have a motive behind these thefts.

“We’re focused on trying to get them some type of restitution and then work through her attornies and the district attorney’s office to see, I mean, we’re talking about a huge dollar figure that’s going to be owed to these victims,” Limani said. “So we’re working in conjunction with everyone to try and make this as best of a peaceful resolution as we can, and also holding Ms. McMahan accountable for her actions.”

State police say there still could be more victims. If you believe you are a victim and can prove that you did not receive money for a gun through a consignment deal with McMahan, or did not receive a gun you purchased from her, you’re asked to give them a call.

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