‘Steelers fans have each other’s backs’: Man who found Terrible Towel shares story with Channel 11

PITTSBURGH — A woman thought she lost a sentimental Terrible Towel for good, but Steelers Nation stepped up.

Morgan Koester’s fiance, Josh Cline, died unexpectedly. Since his death, Koester has taken a custom-made Terrible Towel to every home game in his honor.

Channel 11 first shared Koester’s story on Monday, after the Maryland woman posted a plea to Facebook, hoping to have her missing towel located.

>>> Sentimental Terrible Towel lost during Sunday’s Steelers game found

The post, which was shared thousands of times, explained that the towel had been personalized to include the name of her fiancé, Josh, who passed away.

Morgan spoke with Channel 11 over the phone on Tuesday, saying that she is touched by how many people reached out to her to help, including workers and cleaning crews for Acrisure Stadium.

“It’s just been so overwhelming how everyone just came together and helped someone to find something that might seem as simple as a towel to some people, but anyone who’s a Steelers fan knows Terrible Towels are not just a towel, they have so much meaning behind them, blood, sweat and tears,” she said. Morgan’s parents customized her towel for her and she’s brought it to every home game this season in Josh’s memory.

On Monday, a Steelers spokesperson confirmed for Channel 11 that they were aware of the towel being missing, and were on the lookout. The spokesperson said that they intended to have a new one customized for her if the original was not located.

But, late Monday, a man from Ohio reached out to Morgan, stating that he had her towel.

“It was a crazy game, lotta rain, and I had seen a couple of towels lying around, and when they cranked ‘Renegade’ on, I saw the first one out of the corner of my eye and I just picked it up and swung it and honestly never read it,” Kole Hogue told Channel 11. “Never gave it any thought.”

But then Kole happened to see Morgan’s story, which indicated the section she had been in. Turns out, he had her towel.

“I immediately reached out and said, ‘I found a very special towel and I’m a very sentimental guy myself and I know how much this stuff means to people and I’d be more than happy to return it,’” Kole said.

“I started bawling, it was just happy tears,” Morgan told us, saying that Josh would have loved that the towel was found by someone who wanted to swing it during “Renegade.”

As of Tuesday night, the towel is being overnighted to Morgan, with the hopes that she will receive it in time for Thursday’s game.

“I know Josh was always so proud of being part of Steelers Nation and I’ll always be thankful he brought me into that too,” she said. “Everyone’s been so incredible.”

“I’d like to think that Steelers fans have each other’s backs and if anybody would have found it, it would have still gotten back to her,” Kole said. “It makes me feel great.”

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