Decision 2024

Washington County’s election board hid decisions to invalidate mail-in ballots, lawsuit claims

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Pa. — The American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania is suing Washington County’s election board on behalf of seven voters whose ballots did not count in the primary election.

According to the lawsuit, 259 mail-in ballots in the county were disqualified because of filing mistakes.

Prior to the primary election, the county was notifying voters whose ballots were filled out incorrectly.

During the primary, commissioners voted not to allow voters to correct errors.

“Weeks after election day, most voters, even at that point, did not realize that their votes had not counted, that their ballots had been canceled, and it was long past time for them to do anything,” said Vic Walczak with the ACLU of Pennsylvania.

The seven voters who are suing had their mail-in ballots invalidated because of incomplete or missing dates.

One failed to sign the exterior envelope and another signed in the wrong place.

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