• Retired Pittsburgh couple regrets staying in Bahamas through Hurricane Dorian


    A retired couple from Pittsburgh decided to ride out Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas and now say they regret staying.

    Randy Nagy and his wife, Silvia, never imagined that their lives' work would be destroyed in an instant by the storm.


    The couple retired to Pelican Point, Bahamas, three years ago.

    They had been traveling to the Bahamas for years and had lived through several storms, including hurricanes Frances and Jeanne in 2004.

    But now their property is gone, destroyed by Dorian.

    The Nagys are forced to sleep in a nearby vacant property as they figure out their next move.

    They want to go back to Pittsburgh.

    "Well, we've been coming for years. And we've been through a lot in every hurricane since Jeanne or Frances and before and everything was OK, secure. But this was more than anyone really expected. Even though we were warned, we made the bad decision of staying. But fortunately, everything worked out. We're alive and just putting things together and trying to make our way back to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania," said Randy Nagy.

    Silvia Nagy did not want to go on camera, but said staying on Grand Bahama Island was the worst decision of their lives.

    The government in the Bahamas said Monday the death toll from Hurricane Dorian has risen to 44.


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