• Connecting, healing at Pittsburgh's new Resiliency Center


    PITTSBURGH - "For me, resiliency has always meant that falling down is a given. We all fall down. But it's the getting up process and how we choose to get up and what we think and feel as we are getting up," said Maggie Feinstein.

    Feinstein is the director of the 10/27 Healing Partnership. It's a new space where people can come together to connect and heal.

    "Now that we understand how this feels, we really want to make sure this pain means something to help other people because other people have pain, as well," she said.

    Over the last year, community members worked to create the new space. When Feinstein gave Channel 11 a tour, you could still smell the fresh paint. It's a place for people to quietly grieve, take a class, share, or sit quietly in meditation.

    "Coffee and cry. It's a little safer to have a coffee and a cry here than at a Starbucks. So we welcome people here," Feinstein said.


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