• 19-year-old accused of shaking his baby, causing broken bones, other injuries


    A 19-year-old father is accused of shaking his 3-month-old baby so violently, the infant has broken bones, a brain bleed and bruises.

    Taylor Shipley called 911 and said his son was vomiting and choking inside his home in Huntingdon Village. 

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    But when the baby boy got to Children's Hospital, doctors made a child line report, saying the injuries could only be from one thing. 

    "The doctor is adamant that there's only one way these injuries could've happened; thru all their expertise, and that's through what's commonly known as shaken baby syndrome," said Pennsylvania State Trooper Steve Limani.

    Shipley told police the injuries must've came from him doing CPR ... and denied hurting the baby or shaking him. 


    Investigators said: "Shipley was unable to explain how the victim sustained broke ribs and brain bleed, nor did Shipley attempt to explain how the victim sustained these injuries. Shipley was asked if the victim fell or was dropped by mistake that would have caused trauma. Shipley refuted these claims."

    "It's the brain hemorrhaging, it the bruising, broken ribs from a baby being thrashed back and forth. It's a shame. It's sad. And luckily we have Shipley in custody," Limani said.

    Police said the baby is expected to recover, and his injuries don't appear life threatening, but they call this case extremely dangerous and sad. 


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