• 2 homes evacuated following landslide in Pittsburgh neighborhood


    PITTSBURGH - Two homes on Arlington Avenue in Pittsburgh have been evacuated due to a landslide in the Allentown/South Side Slopes neighborhood.

    The slide is coming from the hillside along McLain Street onto Arlington Avenue, according to Guy Costa, chief of operations for the city of Pittsburgh.

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    A section of the hillside is taped off and the sidewalk is covered with mud. For now, Arlington Avenue is staying open.

    "I have a bug out bag that has essential items and my guitar. I would like both of those. If I can sneak in there and grab them I’ll be happy," said Curtis Rogers, an evacuee.

    "A lot of water has been coming off of that hillside in the past and all the rain we had, it just aggravated the situation and caused it to slide," Costa said.

    To determine how stable it is, engineers have to examine it.

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    "It’s a lot of mud right now and we need to take a serious look at it and take samples to find out what else is there. Is the rock moving? Is it more than mud moving?" Costa said.




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