• Can you solve all the puzzles from the Pittsburgh category on 'Jeopardy'?


    The city we call home made a guest appearance on 'Jeopardy' Friday night with an entire category's worth of questions.

    After seeing the puzzles, we wanted to see how well Channel 11 viewers would do.

    We've listed the clues below. Once you've made a guess, scroll down to the bottom of this story to see the questions.

    $200 – William Pitt the elder, for whom Pittsburgh is named, lived in this century.

    $400 – Jim Delligatti is credited with inventing this iconic sandwich at his Pittsburgh area McDonald’s franchise in 1967.

    $600 – Director George Romero worked for this Pittsburgh kids’ TV legend who came to the “Night of the Living Dead” premiere.

    $800 – Located where its 3 rivers meet, Pittsburgh’s business district is also known as “the golden” this.

    $1,000 – The University of Pittsburgh’s Cathedral of Learning is in the architectural style known as this revival.


    $200 - What is the 18th century?

    $400 - What is the Big Mac?

    $600 - Who is Mister Rogers?

    $800 - What is triangle?

    $1,000 - What is gothic?



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