• Canada retaliates for increased tariffs by raising taxes on ... ketchup?


    A growing tariff war between the U.S. and other nations spread to Canada earlier this week, and our northern neighbors are retaliating by placing surtaxes on a variety of American products.

    In response to President Trump’s tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from north of the border, Canada announced it intends to impose surtaxes on those items and more, including ketchup, pizza, orange juice, whiskey, plywood and beer kegs.It’s unclear how th

    e 10-cent surtax on ketchup will affect iconic Pittsburgh manufacturer H.J. Heinz Co., which sells more than 50 percent of the ketchup sold in the U.S. and about 75 percent of the ketchup in Canada, according to news magazine Maclean’s.

    The U.S. exported 4.8 million metric tons of steel to Canada last year, according to the International Trade Administration, the most by far from another nation. A lion’s share of that will now be subject to a 25-cent surtax.



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