• Allegheny Co. Controller Chelsa Wagner speaks out after incident in Detroit


    PITTSBURGH - Less than a week after getting detained by police in Detroit, Allegheny County Controller Chelsa Wagner is sitting down with Channel 11 to tell her side of the story.

    Wagner and her husband, Khari Mosley, were traveling and attended a concert in Detroit Wednesday night. After the show, Wagner went to bed while her husband went to the hotel bar.

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    Police say Mosley was intoxicated and had been causing problems, then couldn't get back into the hotel room because he did not have a key and was not on the reservation.

    "I realized, 'oh I need the key.' Tap your pockets, no key, went to the front desk and they looked me up on the registry, my name wasn't on it, they said they made a couple of calls to Chelsa to wake her up and I asked that they could go up and wake her up and they denied that request," he said.

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    Security was called to escort Mosley out of the building and eventually police were called as well.

    Wagner says she was pushed over by an officer and injured her wrist, but the Detroit police chief said his officer responded reasonably to her actions.



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