• Clogged drains contribute to flood damage, residents say


    SHARPSBURG, Pa. - O’Hara Township residents are looking for some answers after Tuesday night’s heavy downpour transformed their street into a river. 

    Residents say the township rarely cleans the storm drains on Ravine Street, which leads to flooding in Sharpsburg and the township.

    "Water comes down here like you can't believe it," said Larry Proft, who told Channel 11 he's constantly sweeping up debris from around his house.

    Firefighters cleaned the mess Tuesday along Main Street.


    At one point, crews said the road was under 3 feet of water during Tuesday's storms. Sharpsburg city leaders told Channel 11 they're working on grants to fix the problem.

    "This happens every time that sewer ain't cleaned out," Proft said.

    O'Hara Township crews were out cleaning a nearby catch basin Wednesday and they even stopped at Proft's home to clean the drain, something he said is rarely done.


    Proft showed Channel 11 photos from the 1950s of his road having flood issues back then.

    Now he's hoping the township comes up with a solution to solve the storm drain problem before another major storm rolls through.

    Township leaders told Channel 11 that in two or three weeks they will start the construction of step ponds that they say will allow the debris to settle out and stop it from clogging the drains.


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