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Double-jointed man back in custody after stealing police SUV while handcuffed in Beaver County

INDEPENDENCE TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A man is back in police custody after he stole a police SUV while handcuffed and ran off after crashing it Tuesday in Beaver County, police said.

Despite having been handcuffed from behind during his initial arrest in Aliquippa, Shawnquez Redd was able get his arms over his head because he is double-jointed. He then climbed out the window of a police car.

After that, Redd stole an Aliquippa police SUV, which he crashed on Stone Quarry Road in Independence Township, authorities said. From there, he ran into the woods and eluded capture for several hours.

While the search for Redd -- which included the use of a state police helicopter -- was underway, a neighbor called police and said he was in their backyard. Not long after that call, Redd was taken back into custody by police.

Redd was first arrested on Tuesday after police got a call about four people with guns at an apartment complex in Aliquippa, officials said. Three of those people, including Redd, got into a car and crashed it in South Heights.