Fake flyers claim Bloomfield Columbus Day Parade was canceled due to 'offensive' roots

PITTSBURGH — The popular Columbus Day Parade in Pittsburgh is still happening, despite rumors of it being canceled.

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According to Guy Costa, one of the parade's organizers, fake flyers were spread around to residents and businesses this week claiming the parade was canceled because of its "offensive" roots.

The flyer read, in part:

"On behalf of the Bloomfield community, we would like to publicly apologize as it has been brought to our attention that this is an offensive holiday. Columbus' arrival to America caused the mass murder of Native American people. There are plenty of other ways to celebrate our wonderful Italian heritage and community. As a community we can talk more about Columbus being a violent person and how we can make our relationship better with Native American people."

Costa confirmed to Channel 11's Liz Kilmer those flyers did not come from official sources, and the parade is not canceled. It will go on as scheduled Saturday morning.

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"It's kind of bold. We're gonna find out who it is and why," said Costa. "Everyone has their reasons and, again, there are always pros and cons about everything. But as long as Columbus Day is a national holiday, we'll continue practicing the parade."

The parade starts at 11 a.m. on Liberty Avenue at Aspen Street and ends at Liberty and Ella streets in Bloomfield.

It was canceled last year after the organizer died.