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Inmate who allegedly received letter with details about Rachael DelTondo's murder takes plea deal

BEAVER, Pa. — A plea deal has been agreed upon for a possible witness in the investigation into the murder of an Aliquippa teacher.

It has to do with a letter detailing the crime that was sent to a Beaver County Jail inmate.

The letter and the inmate could become key in the Rachael DelTondo case.

The Beaver County district attorney confirms a letter exists that is being analyzed in a lab.

He also told Channel 11 the inmate who received it will be cooperating with detectives.


Wayne Cordes, the inmate, was facing 15 counts including felony aggravated assault from a robbery and beating incident in Aliquippa. On Monday, he took a plea deal.

The district attorney told Channel 11 Cordes must give truthful testimony regarding the DelTondo case at any and all court hearings.

DelTondo was shot and killed in her parent's driveway on Mother's Day.

No one has been arrested.