Kidnapping, rape victim pleads with judge to move her attacker out of Pittsburgh

Kidnapping, rape victim pleads with judge to move her attacker out of Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH — A kidnapping and rape victim had the opportunity to speak out in court Friday, asking the judge to move her attacker out of Pittsburgh.

For 15 minutes, at times breaking down, Alicia Kozakiewicz pleaded with the judge to move Scott Tyree elsewhere.

Target 11 broke the story earlier this year that Tyree had been released from prison and relocated to a halfway house less than 4 miles from the victim's family home.

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Tyree, who has no ties to the area, wants to stay in Pittsburgh.

"If he was reformed, on any level, if he had an ounce of decency or remorse, he would choose to leave. He would ask to leave. He would not relish in sadistically torturing me again," Kozakiewicz said.


In 2003, Tyree pleaded guilty to abducting 13-year-old Kozakiewicz, and holding her as a sex slave in his Virginia home.

Tyree was released in December. He's on probation now.

The U.S. attorney's office said proper procedures were followed and inmates are typically released to the prosecuting jurisdiction.

Kozakiewicz hopes her appearance will sway the judge or perhaps even Tyree.

"I didn't have to look at him and i didn't have to address him, even though he heard it too. And i hope that he makes the right decision. This is a chance to prove that you are more than a monster," Kozakiewicz said.

Tyree's attorney declined to comment Friday. The judge said she would take Kozakiewicz's statement into consideration before issuing a decision on Tyree's placement.