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Man who allegedly confessed to local woman's murder now saying he didn't do it

BETHEL PARK, Pa. — The man who allegedly confessed to killing a Bethel Park woman claims he didn't do it.

John Chapman hasn't been charged in the death of Jaime Feden, whose body was found in a Nevada desert in October, but he is charged with kidnapping her.

On his way into a local courtroom on Thursday, he told Channel 11 when he confessed to killing her, he was on medication.

All charges against John Chapman have been held for court after his preliminary hearing.

During that hearing, Feden's lifelong best friend, a police officer and a detective all testified.

Feden's friend told the judge she texted Feden that her "Uncle Ralph" died and got a strange response that said she was sorry but couldn't be around the family.

It turns out Feden didn't even have an Uncle Ralph. That is how she knew something was wrong.

A detective testified that Chapman was using an app to mask his own number to communicate with Feden's friends and family.

"He's a liar and will try to charm his way into anyone's life," said Kelly Murray, one of Chapman's ex-wives.

On Friday, investigators from Nevada came to Bethel Park to meet with local detectives as they work on a final timeline that can be presented to the Lincoln County District Attorney, who will ultimately decide whether to charge Chapman with homicide in the case.

Below is an interactive timeline of the Jaime Feden case: