• Parents file suit after daughter drowns while kayaking on local river


    PITTSBURGH - The parents of a kayaker who drowned after being swept over a dam on the Ohio River last year are suing the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

    Brittany Evans and Helene Brandy, both 25 years old, were killed when they went over the Dashields Dam in May of 2017.

    Evans' parents have now filed a wrongful death lawsuit.

    "Too many people are losing their lives on that river. We wanna be part of the process to correct that," said Helene's uncle, Ken Brandy. 

    According to the lawyer who filed the federal lawsuit, Evan's parents are echoing those concerns, saying the Army Corps of Engineers didn't provide adequate warning to boaters and kayakers of the dangerous Dashields Dam.

    The lawyers are asking for more warning signs.

    Evans' family is also asking for earnings potential and damages for pain and suffering. 




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