Homes destroyed in massive Lawrenceville fire to be torn down

PITTSBURGH — Crews will demolish three homes destroyed by fire Tuesday night in Pittsburgh’s Lawrenceville neighborhood.

The flames jumped from house to house along Wickliff Street, reducing the homes to piles of rubble and ash.

City of Pittsburgh Department of Public Works came through Wednesday and to assess the damage before they demolish what is left of the homes.

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The call came in around 7 p.m. for a garbage can on fire at a home.

Within minutes, the fire, fueled by strong winds, ripped through that home and spread to the two neighboring houses.

The flames were so intense one of the houses collapsed.

Firefighters spent hours spraying down the surrounding homes and cars parked outside all while working to keep neighbors safe.

The people living in this neighborhood say they are so grateful no one was hurt or killed.

“It’s three families. It was scary. I thank God that we are blessed. And they got them out. At the end of the day we are blessed. No one died. That fire was deadly. Someone should’ve died in that fire, but no one did because god had us protected,” Lawrenceville resident Princess Hughes said.

Pittsburgh Public Safety and fire officials are now working to determine what caused this fire.

The Red Cross is assisting the people who have been displaced.

Below is their full statement:

“Red Cross Disaster Action Team members, following COVID-19 safety guidance, are providing remote and virtual assistance from a nearby location to supply immediate emergency assistance and ensure the needs of affected residents are being met.”