Plum native who plays professional baseball in Tokyo representing Team USA

TOKYO — Another local athlete representing our country and Pittsburgh is gearing up for the Tokyo Summer Olympic Games.

Plum native Scott McGough grew up in southwestern Pennsylvania playing baseball, and he now plays for a professional league in Japan.

“It’s been kind of crazy with everything. You know, changing and umping back through the years, seeing if that was going to happen again. Then, me getting asked to be a part of the Olympics was something I wasn’t really expecting. It is a dream come true,” said McGough.

Participating in the Olympic Games is a dream McGough has had his entire life.

“It’s just the hard work every day. The thing I realized is, as you get older, rather than messing around - you do the work,” said McGough.

McGough says growing up in Pittsburgh, specifically Plum, helped him grow professionally, especially on the international stage.

“As my college coach used to tell me all the time, he used to say - we need more blue collar Pittsburgh guys like you,” said McGough.

McGough’s coach was referring to the region’s love of baseball and how the game is played here in Pennsylvania.

While McGough is excited to represent Team USA, so is his wife Lauren and their daughter Dakota. Both are now in Tokyo, as Scott prepares for the Olympic Games.

“We got her (Dakota) some Team USA gear. She is going to be decked out. Whether it’s at the stadium or back home watching,” said McGough.

“It is definitely a more intense feeling with the Olympics. But, when it’s your team, your community - someone you know, someone you love, it is intense,” said Lauren McGough.

McGough says that with his two lucky charms by his side, he is ready to win gold for Team USA.

“I am just so happy they were able to get here when they did. This is really cool,” said McGough.

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