Additional charges possible against Syrian refugee accused of terror plot on Pittsburgh church

Man accused of planning to bomb Pittsburgh church on behalf of ISIS appears in court

PITTSBURGH — The man accused of plotting a bombing attack on a Pittsburgh church in the name of ISIS was back in court Thursday.

Defense attorneys for Mustafa Alowemer, a Syrian refugee, said they received more than 15,000 pages of evidence – along with videos – and they’ve been going through all of that.

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However, they said a lot of it is in Arabic and they’re having difficulty with the translation.

They wanted an additional six months, but the judge said she would likely agree to only three months.

Alowemer, who lived in Pittsburgh’s Northview Heights, had just graduated from high school last summer when he was arrested after an undercover FBI investigation.

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Prosecutors said Thursday that the investigation is still going on and suggested the possibility of a superseding indictment. That indicates they may have uncovered more crimes and additional charges could be filed.

Pretrial motions are supposed to be filed by March 20, but that will likely be delayed.

Alowemer is being held in a jail near Youngstown, Ohio.


Man accused of planning to blow up a Pittsburgh church back in court