2 people flown to the hospital after being struck by tri-axle truck

BLAIRSVILLE, Pa. — Yellow caution tape blocked off every corner of one of Blairsville’s busiest intersections for over an hour after a tri-axle hit two people Thursday.

“We really didn’t know until we got on scene that it was multiple pedestrians involved with a truck as it was making its way through the intersection,” Ab Dettorre of Blairsville Fire Department said.

Both the man and woman who were hit are from out of state.

They had to be flown to Pittsburgh-area hospitals because of serious injuries.

Investigators said the truck was not hauling anything, and had the green light to turn from Market Street onto to Route 217.

“I would imagine he was still in the first gear. I don’t think it was that fast, but you’re dealing with a coal truck,” Dettorre said.

State troopers were called out to investigate the mechanics of the truck, as part of the accident investigation.

This is is a heavily-traveled road in town, and nearby neighbors said, they believe this was inevitable.

“There’s a lot of pedestrian traffic especially during the day. A lot of seniors love to walk around town. You gotta slow down and pay attention to what you’re doing,” Cortland Hodil said.

As borough and state police continue to investigate, those living nearby said they are thinking of those two victims.

“My prayers go out to their family. My pastor at the church said prayers for them and we’ll continue to pray for them that they’re okay,” Hodil said.

It is unclear at this point if this accident could lead to any type of citations.