Armed teen seen on video trying to break into Baldwin home; police suspect him in 3 other incidents

BALDWIN, Pa. — Terrifying doorbell camera video shows a teen covered in a mask and hoodie trying to open the door and break into a home on Roland Avenue in Baldwin. When the would-be burglar steps away, a gun can be seen in his hand.

That same night on June 17, police said the teen tried to get into another home nearby.

About a week before those incidents and just a block away, investigators told Channel 11 that the same teen was able to get inside a home in the middle of the night.

“It’s very scary. I’m scared to hell to sleep in my own bed at night,” said the victim, who did not want to be identified out of fear for her safety.

The woman said on June 6, she woke up to find her car and about $10,000 worth of designer bags and cash gone.

“[I] found out my car was missing. [I] Came into the house, realized my whole purse and my house was rummaged through,” she said. “He’s still not arrested.”

Five days later on June 11, the Baldwin police chief believes that same suspect burglarized another home, this time in Pittsburgh’s Carrick neighborhood.

>>> Thieves caught on camera breaking into Carrick home, driving off in owner’s car

Disturbing surveillance video from that day showed the thieves, armed with a handgun, breaking into the home and driving off in the owner’s car.

“They were very brazen and bold in what they were doing,” said Alyssa Wolfgang, the victim’s daughter.

As for the Baldwin woman, she’s now bought surveillance cameras to put up at her house, but her sense of security is shaken.

“I’m scared for my own safety,” she said. “I’m scared to go to sleep at night. I’m scared to stay in that house. You have a child running around with stolen guns that’s bold enough to walk into somebody’s house with children in there.”

Police Chief Tony Cortazzo wasn’t able to say if any charges have been filed yet. He told Channel 11 he’d have more information about the cases by the end of the week and added that any investigation involving kids is an issue with the juvenile detention center still closed.

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