Thieves caught on camera breaking into Carrick home, driving off in owner’s car

PITTSBURGH — A brazen crime was caught on camera early Tuesday morning. Thieves are seen breaking into a home in Pittsburgh’s Carrick neighborhood and driving off in the owner’s car.

Disturbing Ring doorbell video shows four kids in masks and hoodies walking up to the home on Antenor Avenue. One of them appears to be holding a gun as he opens the front door. It happened at 5 a.m. when it was still dark outside.

“They were very brazen and bold in what they were doing,” said Alyssa Wolfgang, the homeowner’s daughter.

No one was home at the time. A neighbor alerted the homeowner after noticing a window had been opened.

“They looked directly at cameras,” Wolfgang said. “There are very bright lights shining down and none of that deterred them.”

Surveillance cameras then captured the thieves scoping out the cars in the driveway. A short time after, they’re seen standing on the sidewalk, talking with the gun still in hand.

Moments later, the thieves are shown walking down the driveway and up the steps of the back deck. That’s where one of them allegedly opened a back window and went in.

“The sheer amount of time that they kind of hung out, walking around, I think once or twice you can see them,” said Wolfgang. “They kind of huddle up and discuss things. They took their time.”

Wolfgang said they were at the house for about 15 minutes.

One of the boys is seen standing by in the driveway as two others keep a lookout in the street. The fourth boy is inside.

“You can see in the surveillance video he has a gun, and he cocks it before he goes up the steps,” Wolfgang said.

A short time later, the thieves are seen opening the car door. One of them gets in and drives off.

“They have masks on; they’re wearing all black,” Wolfgang said. “This doesn’t look like this is the first time they’ve done this.”

The homeowner believes the thieves are the same four people who broke into his car and a handful of others a few months earlier and stole a handgun.

Wolfgang is hopeful this time they’ll be caught.

“One of these houses they enter, there might not be an empty house they’re walking into, so someone could get hurt and that’s really scary.”

The family filed a police report and said police are investigating.

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