Bethel Park police lieutenant taken into federal custody

BETHEL PARK, Pa. — A Bethel Park police lieutenant has been taken into federal custody by the FBI.

Federal court documents said that Lieutenant Blake Babin is facing a felony charge of transporting a person in the country illegally.

Babin is in charge of patrol, traffic officers and the dispatch center.

He has worked for Bethel Park since 1990.

Babin was arraigned at the federal courthouse on Thursday and pleaded not guilty.

Sources tell Channel 11 that Bethel Park police received a tip last fall about what they feared was a trafficking situation and they passed that tip on to the FBI.

Babin is not charged with trafficking in the investigation.

Investigators say in 2022 Babin transported a person to the U.S. illegally, knowing that person was illegally in the country and assisting them in remaining in the United States illegally.

The judge just ordered Babin to have no contact with that person, including on social media.

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