How will uncommitted votes impact President Biden in November General Election?

PITTSBURGH — President Joe Biden easily won his primary race Tuesday with more than 90% of the vote statewide but another group has declared victory.

The group Uncommitted PA wrote in a statement Wednesday, “The outcome of the primary election serves as a strong indicator of voter sentiment in the November election. Voters in Pennsylvania feel conflicted about voting Biden.”

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The outcome in Pennsylvania follows a national trend of Democrats voting “uncommitted” or non-Biden to voice their objections to the handling of the war in Gaza.

“In a close election, things you might not normally be concerned about, you may want to be concerned about,” Pitt Political Science Professor Chris Bonneau said.

“I’m not sure how this would be great for their movement. It’s a protest vote. they want to make themselves heard and they got about 10% or so, which is not a small number,” he said. “Criticisms they have of Biden’s policies are not going to be solved by any of the other alternatives. In fact, for them, the alternatives are worse.”

Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. Austin Davis spoke to Channel 11 Tuesday on behalf of the Biden campaign.

“We’re going to continue to have those conversations up until November. Not taking anything for granted,” Davis said when asked about the “uncommitted” bloc.

Across the aisle, former President Trump dropped about 17% of the vote to Nikki Haley. Haley won even more votes in Allegheny County.

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“Biden can win getting 90% of the Democratic votes if Trump only gets 78% of Republican votes,” Bonneau said. “We’re still far enough away where I don’t think it’s a huge issue, but if you’re talking about an election that’s going to be won by a percentage point, then every little bit matters.”

We did reach out to the Trump campaign but have not heard back.

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