Local auto dealership not feeling impacts of UAW strike, owner says

PITTSBURGH — As the United Auto Workers strike enters a fourth day, economists and dealerships are closely monitoring the situation.

Richard Bazzy, Owner at Shults Ford, told Channel 11 that he is hopeful both sides will reach a resolution soon. His dealership has not yet been impacted by the work stoppage, and he has no plans to make adjustments.

“I don’t feel it yet. I don’t know that anybody does or will,” he said. “I hope nobody does.”

Bazzy said the industry is finally seeing relief from the supply chain issues that came with COVID-19, and that his dealership and others have worked hard to increase inventory.

“I think we’ll be fine,” he said, “I think we’ll be fine for several months.”

According to experts, the impact will largely depend on how long the strike lasts.

A “prolonged” work stoppage, according to The Wall Street Journal, could result in “fewer options for new and used cars, higher prices and long waits for repairs that depend on specialty parts.”

The Associated Press has reported that even a swift resolution could lead to increased prices for consumers, “because the auto makers’ labor costs will increase.”

The UAW is asking for a 36 percent pay increase over four years, along with other demands that would increase costs for the companies.

At last check, the three companies were now offering a 20 percent raise throughout the course of the contract.

Bazzy told Channel 11 that the strike will not impact pricing at his dealerships.

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